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Tina Lee Knott was born and raised in the beautiful state of Maine. She was drawn to movement early on in her childhood. A lover of music and dancing, she was naturally drawn to yoga as a teen. After high school she moved to California in 1999 where she continued practicing and even teaching yoga part time, but after she took her first Pilates class at a small local gym, she was hooked.

She attained her first Pilates certification in 2007 and has been teaching Pilates ever since. She has taught at local gyms, community centers, chiropractic offices, spas and Pilates studios. As of 2020, she took her practice online and is currently teaching virtual classes at

Tina believes that Pilates is great for every-body. The connection that is established between soul and body from a movement practice like Pilates is immeasurable. It can be modified to suit any person at any level of fitness and at any age. As with any new routine, the more you practice, the better you become. Pilates is not only a great practice on its own, but it undoubtedly improves other parts of your life. Whether you’re new to fitness or experienced, Pilates will enhance your quality of living and help you live your life to the fullest!

Tina’s passion for dance led her to add a Barre Certification to her repertoire in 2012. She never danced professionally, nor did any ballet growing up, but music makes her move! Barre classes are an excellent source of elation. Tina takes her Pilates fundamentals into her energizing Barre routines where she teaches you stability, strength and fluid movement and allows you to move in a way that is best for your SELF and you don’t need to be coordinated to do it!

Put yourself first for a change! Try a class with Tina and start to love movement.
Classes are offerered virtually via Zoom.  Click on the Book Online tab to see the schedule and sign up!

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